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  1. General Regulations
    1. The order of residence in the hotel “Wind Rose” was developed in accordance with Government Decree No. 490 of 25.04.1997 “On Approval of the Rules for the Provision of Hotel Services in Russian Federation”, the Law of Russian Federation “On Protection of Consumer Rights”, current legislation and regulates relations in the provision of hotel services.
    2. Basic Concepts:
      • Contractor – the administration of the hotel “Wind Rose”.
      • Hotel – Hotel “Wind Rose”.
      • Guest – a person staying in the Hotel or having an intention to use the services of the Hotel.
    3. The hotel is intended for temporary residence of the Guest for a period not exceeding one month, regardless of the place of registered permanent residence. Accommodation for more than one month is possible only with the permission of the Contractor.
    4. The hotel operates 24 hours a day.
  2. Booking Procedure
    1. Booking of the hotel room is made by sending an application to the hotel booking department by mail, telephone or e-mail. Phone: +7 (862) 253-29-39, fax: +7 (862) 253-29-53, e-mail: roza-vetrov@list.ru
    2. With guaranteed reservation, an advance payment is made in the amount of one night stay price, in accordance with the invoice issued by the Contractor in cash or by cashless payment. The remaining amount is paid upon arrival by cash or a credit card.
    3. In case Guest does not use the accommodation service on the specified day of arrival with guaranteed reservation and did not cancel the booking at least seven days prior to the expected date of arrival, the prepayment of one night stay is withheld as a fine. This booking is canceled if the Guest did not receive confirmation of the booking, the day after the expected date of arrival.
    4. In case of non-guaranteed (not pre-paid) booking, if the Guest does not specify the exact time of arrival and if the information about booking confirmation is not received on the day of the expected arrival, the booking is canceled after 18:00 of the estimated date of arrival (local time) and further checking-in is made according to availability of the rooms.
  3. Procedure for registration of accommodation and payment for services
    1. The room in the Hotel is provided to the Guest upon presentation of his/her passport, for military personnel – his/her military ID or identity card.
    2. Payment for accommodation at the Hotel is made by the prices set by the Contractor in rubles – in cash, by cashless payment or by a bank card.
    3. Payment for accommodation is made on the day of arrival for the whole period of stay or in advance, but not less than one night’s stay.
    4. The rate for accommodation of one person in a double room (without the right to check-in extra person) corresponds to the price of a double room.
    5. The hotel has one settlement hour – 12.00 of the current day by local time.
      Check out – 12:00
      Check in – 14:00
    6. The payment for accommodation is charged in accordance with a single settlement hour.
      With guaranteed and non-guaranteed bookings, the check-in time is always 12:00 and 100% of the room rate per day is charged, which guarantees the guest availability from 12:00 on the current day until 12:00 the next day at any check-in time.
      When arriving without prior booking, payment for accommodation services in the hotel is made in the following order: 

      • from 12:00 to 24:00 payment is charged in the amount of 24 hours, check out time is 12:00 noon the next day.
      • from 24:00 to 06:00 the payment is charged in the amount of 24 hours, the checkout time is 12:00 of the current day.
      • from 06:00 to 12:00 the payment is charged in the amount of 24 hours, the estimated hour is 12:00 the next day.
    7. Check-in time is 14:00. Upon arrival of the Guest without prior booking before the specified time, the Hotel provides a guest accommodation to the Guest according to room availability.
    8. In case of delay of Guest’s departure after the estimated hour for maximum 6 hours, the fee is charged for half the day.
      If the delay in departure is over 6 hours after the estimated hour, the fee is charged for a full day.
      For stays of max. 24 hours, the fee is charged for a full day, regardless of the estimated hour.
    9. In case you need to extend your stay or leave earlier, the Guest must inform the receptionist at least 24 hours in advance. Refunds are made at the Guest’s request after consideration of the Contractor by cash, non-cash payment or a bank card. Prolongation of accommodation without prior notice after the check-in time is made only if there are available rooms. When you extend your stay at the Hotel, the guest pays 100% of the cost of living for an extended period.
    10. Accommodation of the third guest (for kids up to 4-year-olds) in the room without a bed is free of charge, breakfast is included. Accommodation of the third guest for 4-year-olds and older is paid extra – 1400 rubles per day and includes breakfast.
  4. Information about services
    1. The price includes: breakfast buffet, use of the outdoor heated pool in the hotel, gym, table tennis, parking, Wi-Fi Internet throughout the hotel.
    2. Additional services are paid separately, according to the prices set by the Contractor.
  5. Obligations, liabilities and rights of the Contractor
    1. The logistics of the Hotel, the register and quality of the services provided correspond to category 3 * (No. 550007153 dated June 17, 2016).
    2. The Contractor must inform the Guest about the order of residence in the Hotel, the provided basic and additional services, the form and the order of their payment at checking in the Hotel.
    3. Bed linen is changed once in three days. Towels are changed daily. Replenishment of small-scale services is made as you use.
    4. The rooms of category Standard No Balcony (Block 1) are equipped with air conditioning, plasma TV, hairdryer, mini fridge, telephone, central heating system, safe box.
      The rooms of the category Standard No Balcony (Block 1, №14, 15) are equipped with air conditioning, plasma TV, hairdryer, mini fridge, central heating system, safe box.
      Rooms of the Block 1 – category Standard, Studio – are equipped with air conditioning, plasma TV, hairdryer, mini fridge, telephone, central heating system, safe box, alarm clock.
      Rooms of the 1st category – Studio Comfort, Suite Comfort (VIP block), Standard, Studio, Suite, Romantic, Suite Romantic are equipped with air conditioning system, plasma TV, hairdryer, mini fridge, telephone, central heating system, safe box, electric kettle, clock-alarm clock.
    5. It is the Contractor’s duty to provide guests with the following types of free services: calling an ambulance, using a medical first-aid kit; delivery of correspondence to the room upon receipt; provision of boiled water; needles, threads; one set of dishes and cutlery for each guest; wake up at a specific time.
    6. In the case of the discovery of forgotten things, the Contractor takes measures to preserve them (with the exception of food products) and return them to the owner. If the owner is not found, the forgotten things are handed to the finder after 6 months.
    7. The hotel is exempted from the responsibility for the loss of money, other currency valuables, securities, precious things of the Guests, if they have been placed by the Guest in the hotel’s mini-safe box in the room (Civil Code of Russian Federation, Article 925).
    8. The Contractor has the right to refuse the Guest in the future residence in the Hotel in case of violation of this Order.
    9. The hotel reserves the right to compensate the damage caused by the Guest in connection with loss or damage of the property of the Hotel.
    10. The Contractor reserves the right to visit the room without the consent of the Guest in case of smoke, fire, flooding. And also in case of violation by the Guest of the present order of residence, public order, the use of household appliances.
  6. Rights and Obligations of the Guest
    1. The Guest is obliged:
      • to observe the order of residence established by the Contractor;
      • to maintain cleanliness;
      • to maintain quietness in the room and the hotel after 23:00;
      • to strictly observe fire safety rules;
      • when leaving the room, close the water taps, windows, turn off the lights and other electrical appliances, lock the room;
      • to compensate loss or damage of the property of the Hotel in accordance with applicable law;
      • after the expired period of residence – check out of the room.
    2. The Guest takes note and does not object using video surveillance systems in the premises of the Hotel (except rooms and WC).
    3. When leaving the hotel, the Guest needs to make a full payment for the provided basic and additional services, hand in the room key to the receptionist.
    4. Unauthorized persons can stay in the guest room until 23:00. In case these people delay in the room after the specified time, the Guest must notify the receptionist and register these persons.
    5. The Contractor does not allow:
      • to store liquids, dangerous substances, materials and objects in the Guests’ rooms;
      • to leave strangers in the room and pass them the room key when the Guest is absent;
      • to stay with pets in the room without the consent of the Contractor;
      • to use heating appliances, except for appliances installed in the room;
      • to rearrange and move furniture without agreement with the Contractor;
    6. Smoking is prohibited in the Hotel in accordance with the Federal Law of 23.02.2013. No. 15-FZ “On Protection of the Health of Citizens from the Impact of the Surrounding Tobacco and the Consequences of Tobacco Consumption”. Smoking is allowed only in specially designated outdoor areas. If this rule is violated, a fine will be charged according to the price list.

Administration of the Hotel “Wind Rose”